Blurring the Lines

When I first begin this blog, I struggled with what I wanted to include. Do I make is strictly professional? Only personal? A little of both? Do I share my faith? And how much is okay to share? I’ll admit, I’m still figuring out some of this but a recent conference I attended helped shed some light into my questions.

In September, I attended Lead SC, a conference for young professionals in the area. During a session on “Work, Life Balance” a local executive spoke of a lesson he wished he had learned many years ago. He explained how during the beginning of his career he kept each part of his life in a separate box. From work to personal to faith to community, each area of his life was separated and not open to the others. But through the years, he learned that letting each of his boxes mingle has enhanced each of the other parts of his life and allowed him to live a more balanced life. His story was a “light-bulb,” moment for me and one I have been thinking about frequently since.

I’ve always struggled with where to draw the line between work and my personal life. When I first entered the workforce, I did not think you were supposed to be friends with the people you worked with.  But a few great co-workers later, I discovered that it was actually very important for me to know co-workers a little better. After all, you do spend the majority of your time with them. So after thinking through the executive’s words of wisdom ,I’ve slowly been abandoning the box approach and trying out the”blurred line” approach.

My various networks each have something to offer to each other and it’s easier to juggle the ups and down of life when you’re not pushing them away from one area just because it “does not belong.” Of course, there is still discretion and balance to be learned- the lines are blurred, not open, meaning there are still boundaries in each area. Life will always be a balancing act that we work to keep on track.

I’ve especially found this mindset change eye-opening and challenging in my Christian walk. God calls us to share his good news with the world, to be “missionaries” in our daily lives but I’m often unsure of how to go about this calling. However, God has been teaching me that my faith is not another item to be checked off a list or to be stuck in one box but rather something to be mixed in and shared within every aspect of my life.

When I first began this blog, I was unsure if I should share my faith within the posts. I was worried if it would be “professional” enough for the internet. But I now know that the answer is not just “yes” but “definitely!” And so, I will continue to share a mixed-bag of life through this blog, blurring the lines between each and every area. I hope you stay along for the journey.

P.S. What are your tips for the balancing act of life? Reply in the comments below.


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