Embracing Me

The month of January is always full of advertisers and marketers reminding us about New Year’s Resolutions. As a marketer myself, I know how easy it is to use the beginning of the New Year to encourage your audience to try something new. But these messages always seem to rub me the wrong way.

I quickly get tired of reading encouragements of how this year is my year to be better at (insert area of improvement). I find it wearing to constantly be reminded of my imperfections, how I need to improve in one area or another. Yet, out of pressure to become better, I usually set a few New Year’s Resolutions, most of which are abandoned within a few short months.

This year, however, I was inspired by the editors of Real Simple Magazine (one of my favorite publications). Real Simple took a refreshing take on the New Year in their January issue by focusing on how the New Year was not a time to yet again fail at an unreachable goal but to take time for ourselves. Their thoughts struck me and so, this year, instead of making resolutions that I know will be broken within a few short months, I am trying a new approach: embracing me.

This year, I’m focusing on loving who I was made to be and embracing both my strengths and weaknesses. Well I will certainly continue to challenge myself to be out of my comfort zone and improve my weaknesses, I also want to accept that those weaknesses are part of who I am and who God made me to be. Instead of constantly focusing on what needs to be better or how I am not living up to other’s standards, I want to celebrate my strengths. And, most importantly, I want to rest in the promises of our God, knowing that I don’t have to be perfect like our culture tells me, because Christ has taken that burden from me.

P.S. What do you love about who you are? Tell me in the comments below.





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